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How to setup PayPal Payment accepting

Description of User Levels system.

Script have internal "User Levels" system.
Each level restrict amount of Press Releases, which customer can submit per month.

For example you can allow your free customers submit only 3 Press Releases per month and make Gold Level, which allow 10 PR per month.

Or if you don't want allow customers to submit PR for free,
then you can make Basic level with "0" PR per month!
So free customers will not be able to submit.
They will have to Upgrade their account to submit PR.

How to setup automatic upgrade by PayPal

You can easily create PayPal "BuyNow" button and insert it to the site.
If customer will pay - he will be automatically upgraded to the next "User Level".

How to do it:

Create User Levels you want to have on your site.
(You can do it in admin panel of our script: "User Levels Management" -> "Manage User Level ")

For example:
Basic Level - 1 PR per month.
Gold Level - 5 PR per month. - price $19
Platinum Level - 10 PR per month. - price $29

So you need to make two PayPal BuyNow buttons ($19 and $29).

Go to PayPal and in your PayPal account go to: "Merchant Services" Click "Buy Now Button".
Enter "Item name", "Price".
Click to "Step 3: Customize advanced features (optional)"

And to the field "Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout:" enter "Upgrade URL" for this "User Level".
("Upgrade URL" you can take from admin panel of our script "User Levels Management" -> "Manage User Level ")

Then Enable checkbox "Add advanced variables"
and enter to the text box such variables:

Then on PayPal site click "Create Button" and get Button code.

After that you should create "Static Page" on your site.
("Site Management " - "Add New Static Page ")

Describe on this page your User Levels, why customers should upgrade, etc, and place PP Button codes to the static page (insert in HTML mode).

That is all.

Customers will be able to pay and and upgrade their accounts!